iBook Running Slow: Know How to Enhance its Performance

iBook is one of a remarkable invention of Apple Inc released in year 1999. Due to its design, shape and bright colors iBook was considered a significant departure from previous portable computers. It’s fast speed and innovative features enable user to perform data management and accessing in speedily and smoothly. iBook has made a positive impact in many users. But sometimes it happen that user using iBook faces problem of iBook running slow.

Sometimes you may experience a situation where you try to access files or any application of iBook and the following error messages appears on your system screen:

  • “Hard drive is full”
  • “Start disk is full”

After receiving such error message you become unable to access the files and hence you encounter data loss situation. The root cause behind such error message is slow performance of your iBook. Thus to fix the errors you need to improve your iBook performance. In order to improve your iBook speed and performance first you need to recognize the causes responsible for sluggish performance of iBook.

Reasons for iBook running slow include:

  • Unused System Preferences: This is one of the vital causes for slow iBook performance. Though system programs like Internet sharing, Bluetooth are of seldom use but they run all the time along with other application
  • Unwanted binaries and code: Unessential binaries and codes that reside inside system eats lot of hard disk space and make your iBook run slow
  • Cluttered Hard disk: When your hard disk gets full and there is no enough space for virtual memory to run programs. Hence it stops you from executing programs and making iBook run slow
  • Simultaneous execution of multiple programs: Though iBook is multitasking in nature but it is not a good practice to run multiple programs at one time. This occupies maximum memory space making your iBook run slow

Such factors are responsible for iBook running slow. Thus you need to rectify them to enhance your iBook performance and speed. Manually you can increase speed of your iBook by deleting junk and duplicate files and unwanted programs from iBook. But since most of the regular users are novice and do not acquire technical skills therefore for them manual process can become hectic and cumbersome.
Therefore instead of following the manual process use third party Mac Optimizer software tool to boost up your iBook performance and speed. The powerful and advance scanning algorithm integrated in this software locates the surplus binaries, duplicate files, temporary file, logs, and caches and remove them to optimize iBook performance.